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I have known Jack Grant for over 50 years. We have worked side by side as lawyers in various law firm configurations for about 15 years. Over the past 6 years, he has assisted me as counsel for one of British Columbia’s premier developers – successfully completing from start to finish multiple residential and commercial real estate development projects worth well in excess of $1 billion.

Jack has a knack for finding solutions to complex problems and he excels at strategizing, drafting agreements and negotiation. He is responsive and gives sound, practical and timely advice. In my opinion, he is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with.

Dirk C.A. DeVuyst – Lawyer, Dirk C.A. DeVuyst & Associates Law Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.

I have known Jack for over 20 years as an attorney and friend. His unique status as being at the Washington State and British Columbia bars has been invaluable to me as several of my projects involved property owners with assets on both sides of the border.

Jack is thorough in his preparation, always aware of the subtleties of process and potential consequences of alternate courses of action. He is willing to invite other expertise into the discussion when he feels it is needed. A quality I especially value is his ability to present information to potentially hostile groups without jeopardizing a successful outcome.

Jack has been my personal business lawyer as well as team member on large, multi-faceted development projects that require experience in land-use law, corporate organization and financing. I rely on his legal knowledge as well as his overall business acumen.

Wayne Schwandt – President and Founder, Rimland Pacific Consulting, Bellingham, WA.

We are Canadians and Jack helped us purchase a commercial property in the United States several years ago. Jack’s clear and concise cross border advice was invaluable to us. He helped us successfully complete our purchase and we have relied on him for all subsequent legal matters since that time. I highly recommend Jack to anyone undertaking a cross border transaction.

Lakh Multani – CPA, CA, Partner Strategix Group, Vancouver, B.C.

Jack has been my attorney for over 13 years representing both my business and myself personally. Previous to that, I dealt with a number of attorney’s from numerous States. This experience gives me a perspective about the legal profession that most would not have. Jack’s combination of keen legal skills, specific knowledge of the law, and the very real personal commitment he brings to his client’s best interest, set him apart from all other lawyers I’ve had occasion to deal with. When Jack is on the job, I never doubt his genuine concern about my best interest. At the same time, Jack knows when to counsel not to pursue a particular path if it will be fruitless and expensive. Jack has earned my trust and I’m proud to say, friendship, as well.

James Gray – Owner, The James Company, Private finance, Bellingham, WA

While I have known Jack for roughly 7 years, he has been providing invaluable legal assistance to our cross-border tax firm for over 20 years. Jack asks the right questions while providing insightful observations to ensure our client’s objectives are met efficiently with no stone left unturned. I have come to trust and rely on Jack’s legal acumen and have full confidence in recommending his services to any of our client’s needing cross-border legal assistance.

Trevor Bennington CPA, CA, CPA (MT) – Partner, Kotler van den Brink & Company, Surrey, B.C.

Our firm has used the services of The Cross Border Law Firm on numerous cross-border transactions. Recently, Jack represented a client of ours (a Canadian Company) in a very complex acquisition of a significant industrial/ manufacturing facility in Washington State. The transaction involved a number of legal firms on both sides of the border and Jack was able to quarterback a successful conclusion on time and on budget. Our client applauded our choice of the lead legal firm. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.

Don Drysdale – Partner, Drysdale Bacon McStravick LLP Lawyers, Coquitlam, B.C.

I have had a very long association with Jack Grant during my 34 years as CEO of Dealer Information Systems Corporation (DIS). Jack wrote most of the company’s contracts, handled the acquisition of several of the companies DIS purchased in both Canada and the US and finally managed the sale of DIS to a publicly traded company in Canada. Always Jack’s work was professional, knowledgeable and covered every detail. In all the years he worked with the company we never had a contract challenged.

I have called on Jack many times to explain some obscure issue of law and he has patiently guided me through, most of what I understand about business law I learned from Jack. I trust him completely and continue to use his services at the companies I consult in my retirement.

Robert H. Brim – Former CEO and Chairman, Dealer Information Systems Corporation, Bellingham, WA

I deal with a lot of lawyers in the entertainment business. Unlike the Hollywood types, I do enjoy working with Jack Grant. Over the past 17 years, he has consistently provided prompt and practical advice on various matters to help and guide my high profile entertainment client in his business ventures in Washington State. Jack drafts documents that are readily signable and has a good manner with opposing parties. I have learned to trust his judgment and strategy.

Bruce Lagnese – Business Manager for entertainment clients, VOR Management, Burbank, CA

Our company has dealt with Jack Grant for over 30 years. His knowledge of business, lending, permits and dealing with governmental agencies has been invaluable to us. He also respects the client’s objectives in a reasonable and forthright manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Jack to other businesses.

Gary McPhail – President, Farrell Estates Ltd. & McPhail Properties, Richmond, B.C.

We would like to show our appreciation for Jack Grant’s excellent lawyering by sharing one of our very personal experiences [-a personal story].

Our company purchased a business together with an option to buy land for future expansion adjacent to the business. The seller, a wealthy developer, had agreed to deliver a certain title to the lands. However, it turned out that there were vexatious problems with the title to the lands – nevertheless, the seller was obliged under contract to resolve them. We agreed to 5 extensions of the option exercise date to give the seller an opportunity to fix the title. However, the seller then abruptly decided that he simply didn’t want to fix the title and told us we had to exercise the option and complete the purchase. Then, to our surprise, the seller belligerently said “No!” He didn’t want sell the land anymore – he wanted to keep the land for his own development purposes.

Not good. This meant there would be a fight with this man of substantial means – a man who was known to be very hostile and to use his vast team of attorneys to throw his considerable weight around.

Jack Grant said: “We can do this thing” and went on to develop a strategic plan with a litigation specialist in Seattle. We consulted with them step by every careful step.

The back and forth communication with the seller’s lawyers was intense but our positions had been well documented and we left the seller no doubt about what would happen next. When the day arrived for the closing showdown at the title company, the only question was: “Would the seller keep his original word or default by rejecting our cashier’s check and fight on?”

As it turned out, Jack had so well-crafted things going into this event that our position was, in our words, “lawsuit ready” should we be rejected at the closing table and need to sue.

When faced with this reality, the seller sputtered a bit and fumed a lot, but realized the odds weren’t good for him. He accepted our money, thus allowing the deal be closed and costly litigation was avoided.

We now have a wonderful new building on this site and Jack Grant’s guidance has been core to our success on this deal and numerous other challenges we faced over the last 17 years.

He has a good sense of humor too!

Gene and Connie Shannon – Proprietors, Fairhaven Village Inn, Galloways Cocktail Bar, and South Bay Suites, Bellingham, WA

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