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Residential & Commercial Developments

Jack Grant currently assists a major Vancouver developer in everything from acquisition to the construction of multiple residential and mixed-use projects in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Victoria. Many of the projects exceed values of $100 million.

Luxury Condo & Office Tower

Jack Grant assisted a major contractor – one of the project partners – in developing the Shaw Tower, a 40-story (500,000 ft.²) luxury condominium and office tower built on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Signature Developments in Washington

Jack Grant assisted the Trillium Corporation with multiple signature development projects in Washington State advising on all aspects of the projects including local permitting and land-use issues, and appeals under the State Environmental Policy Act in the Land Use Petition Act.

Successful Government Negotiation

A premier Vancouver, B.C. television broadcaster operated an uplink and download satellite dish array located on their 400 feet of southern exposure. The local Transit Authority designed a portion of its elevated Skytrain in a manner that blocked the operating site lines for the satellite dishes. For various technical reasons, the broadcaster’s site could not be duplicated within 20 miles of their site. We negotiated a major redesign of the elevated facility (lowering it to grade) so that it did not block the satellite array – saving the broadcaster millions of dollars in relocation costs and annual “backhaul” charges (the cost to transmit the satellite signals from comparable remote dish locations).

Privatization of Assets

Jack Grant assisted the B.C. Provincial Government in the privatization of four B.C. Hydro divisions. He provided key real estate advice to identify and organize the real estate and right-of-way interests needed to transfer the assets of the Lower Mainland Natural Gas Distribution system, the Vancouver Island Propane Distribution system, a short-haul Railway, and the R&D divisions. The total sale value was almost $800 million.

Trusted Partners

To help you with your project or transactions, we are happy to offer our network of contacts and experts in major centers all over the world. We work with a list of trusted professionals to give you full service.